Carolyn A. (Nesto) Haynali is the founder of the Caregivers Army organization, a support group for Alzheimer's caregivers on the Internet. She is an advocate for Alzheimer's to caregivers all over the world. Her mission is to help others through their care giving experiences as they encounter difficult times as she did. She has written articles for newspapers, magazines, and has been interviewed on Local TV, and Radio.

She was invited to speak at the Congressional Alzheimer's Task Force in Washington D.C. on September 21, 2000 she presented them with a petition of over 20,500 signatures requesting more research towards a cure for Alzheimer. At the close of her address she read the, “Alzheimer Patient's Prayer written from the point of view of an actual Alzheimer' patient's. Carolyn's journey lasted ten long years.

Chuck and Carolyn married April 6, 1953 have two children, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

Carolyn started her journey by keeping a daily journal and from that her poetry started to flow and now a book which is called, “Poetry from the Heart by an Alzheimer's Caregiver,” by Author House Publishing. Children's Book, “Goldie, The Horse That Didn't Listen”- dedicated to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.


2006-Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame Award 
2006-Ohio-Caregiver of the Year Award 
2011 "Goldie The Little Horse That Didn't Listen:" Children Book.
The caregivers all over the world are truly the unsung heroes.

For more information go to & . Or call your local Alzheimer's Organization you can get help and good information there too.