I Was Once Like You: Before I Got Alzheimer’s is an enlightening and inspirational book that will walk you through the life of the author. You will follow her through her short stories that vividly depicts her journey with her husband Chuck who had Alzheimer’s disease. Each story will allow you to witness what she has been through each day and discover wonderful lessons from it.

“The Lord also blessed me with writing stories of my journey and poetry that has expressed my feeling as you read them throughout this book. I pray as you read these stories they will give you some insight, understanding and hope of what it's like for your loved one who has this disease, “Alzheimer's,” and to not know you after being with them for so many years,” says the author.


Discover more about life, relationship, love, sacrifices, inspiration and a lot more through this revealing book!



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Goldie: The Little Horse That Didn’t Listen

This is a story I told my grandchildren years ago when they were little. They loved the story about Goldie: The Little Horse That Didn’t Listen.


Goldie is remembering back in time when he was a very little horse and lived on the beautiful peaceful ranch with his Momma and Papa. They spent most of their time in the meadows. Goldie’s parents used to be famous racehorses, but now were retired. They were too old to race anymore. They lived the rest of their lives in the beautiful peaceful meadows, and had the best of everything.


Follow Goldie’s story in this endearing book!



Poetry From The Heart By An Alzheimer's Caregiver


Carolyn started this journey by keeping a daily journal and from that her poetry started to flow and now a book The gift of writing these poems came out of the long, lonely journey with her husband Chuck who had Alzheimer’s. The poems speak of the love, the struggles and the heartaches that a caregiver has to go through, taking care of a loved one.


“I was not a writer but felt inspired to write my feelings as it helped me get through the days and the years ahead. I was able to lose myself and get lost for a time in my writings. I pray that you can gain some understanding, and comfort as you read these poems,” says Haynali.